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Oscar Movies - 2006

Here are the movies released in 2006 that were nominated for Academy Awards. The Best Picture nominees are first, followed by all the others. Click on the TITLE to read my review. 

(Nominations are in brackets; wins are in bold.)

Best Picture Nominees

- {Best Picture; Director (Martin Scorsese); Editing; Supporting Actor (Mark Wahlberg); Screenplay (William Monahan)}

BABEL - {Best Picture; Original Score; Director; Editing; Supporting Actress (Adriana Barraza); Supporting Actress (Rinko Kikuchi); Original Screenplay}

LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - {Best Picture; Sound Editing; Director (Clint Eastwood); Original Screenplay}

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - {Best Picture; Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin); Supporting Actress (Abigail Breslin); Original Screenplay (Michael Arndt)}

THE QUEEN - {Best Picture; Costume Design; Director (Stephen Frears); Original Score; Actress (Helen Mirren); Original Screenplay}

In addition to these reviews, I journeyed up to Atlanta to watch all five Best Picture Nominees in one day. I wrote four columns on this trip. (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4) I also wrote a Running Oscar Diary while watching the Academy Awards, including the Red Carpet!

The Rest

APOCALYPTO - {Makeup; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing}

THE BLACK DAHLIA - {Cinematography}

BLOOD DIAMOND - {Editing; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio); Supporting Actor (Djimon Honsou)

CHILDREN OF MEN - {Cinematography; Editing; Adapted Screenplay}


THE GOOD GERMAN - {Original Score}

THE ILLUSIONIST - {Cinematography}

LAST KING OF SCOTLAND - {Actor (Forest Whitaker)}

LITTLE CHILDREN - {Supporting Actor (Jackie Earle Haley); Actress (Kate Winslett); Adapted Screenplay}

NOTES ON A SCANDAL - {Original Score; Actress (Judi Dench); Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett); Adapted Screenplay}

PAN'S LABYRINTH - {Original Screenplay; Cinematography; Foreign Language Film; Makeup; Original Score; Art Direction}

PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST - {Art Direction; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Visual Effects}

THE PRESTIGE - {Art Direction; Cinematography}

SUPERMAN RETURNS - {Visual Effects}

UNITED 93 - {Director (Paul Greengrass); Editing}

VENUS - {Actor (Peter O'Toole)}

VOLVER - {Actress (Penelope Cruz)}

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