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Oscar Movies - 2008

Here are the movies released in 2008 that were nominated for Academy Awards. I have the Best Picture Nominees first, followed by the rest.  My reviews link to the Movie Title; if there is no link I have not put the review up yet.

{Nominations are in brackets; wins are in bold.}


SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - {Best Picture; Director - Danny Boyle; Adapted Screenplay - Simon Beaufoy; Cinematography; Editing; Sound Editing; Sound; Best Score; Original Song - O Saya; Original Song - Jai Ho}

FROST/NIXON - {Best Picture; Director - Ron Howard; Adapted Screenplay - Peter Morgan; Actor - Frank Langella; Editing}

MILK - {Best Picture; Director - Gus Van Sant; Original Screenplay - Dustin Black; Actor - Sean Penn; Supporting Actor - Josh Brolin; Best Costume Design; Editing; Original Score}

THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON - {Best Picture; Director - David Fincher; Adapted Screenplay - Eric Roth; Actor - Brad Pitt; Original Score; Editing; Supporting Actress - Taraji Henson; Sound; Makeup; Costume Design; Visual Effects; Cinematography; Art Direction}

THE READER - {Best Picture; Director - Stephen Daldry; Adapted Screenplay - David Hare; Actress - Kate Winslet; Cinematography}


BOLT - {Best Animated Picture}

DEFIANCE - {Original Score}

THE DARK KNIGHT - {Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger; Art Direction; Cinematography; Editing; Makeup; Sound; Sound Editing; Visual Effects}

DOUBT - {Adapted Screenplay - John Patrick Shanley; Actress - Meryl Streep; Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman; Supporting Actress - Viola Davis; Supporting Actress - Amy Adams}

THE DUCHESS - {Costume Design; Art Direction}

FROZEN RIVER - {Actress - Melissa Leo; Original Screenplay - Courtney Hunt}

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY - {Original Screenplay - Mike Leigh}

IN BRUGES - {Original Screenplay - Martin McDonagh}

IRON MAN - {Sound Editing; Visual Effects}

KUNG FU PANDA - {Best Animated Picture}

MAN ON WIRE - {Documentary}

RACHEL GETTING MARRIED - {Actress - Anne Hathaway}

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD - {Supporting Actor - Michael Shannon; Art Direction; Costume Design}

TROPIC THUNDER - {Supporting Actor - Robert Downey Jr.}

VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA - {Supporting Actress - Penélope Cruz}

THE VISITOR - {Actor - Richard Jenkins}

WALL-E - {Best Animated Picture; Original Screenplay; Sound Editing; Original Score; Sound; Original Sound - Down to Earth}

WANTED - {Sound; Sound Editing}

THE WRESTLER {Actor - Mickey Rourke; Supporting Actor - Marisa Tomei}

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