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Oscar Movies - 2007

Below are films (from 2007) that were nominated for Academy Awards. This list is not total; it comprises the movies I have seen and reviewed (or will be reviewing soon). The name of the movie is the link to the review. The nominations are in brackets, with the winners in bold.

Best Picture Nominees

ATONEMENT - {Best Picture; Adapted Screenplay; Original Score; Art Direction; Cinematography; Costume Design; Supporting Actress (Saoirse Ronan)}

JUNO - {Best Picture; Director; Actress (Ellen Page); Original Screenplay (Diablo Cody)}

MICHAEL CLAYTON - {Best Picture; Directing; Actor (George Clooney); Original Score; Supporting Actor (Tom Wilkinson; Original Screenplay; Supporting Actress (Tilda Swinton)}

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - {Best Picture; Cinematography; Directing (Ethan and Joel Coen); Editing; Supporting Actor (Javier Bardem); Sound Mixing; Sound Editing; Adapted Screenplay (Ethan and Joel Coen)}

THERE WILL BE BLOOD - {Best Picture; Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis); Art Direction; Directing; Editing; Cinematography; Sound Editing; Adapted Screenplay}

Other nominated films

AMERICAN GANGSTER - {Art Direction; Supporting Actress (Ruby Dee)}

THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD - {Cinematography; Supporting Actor (Casey Affleck)}

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM - {Editing; Sound Mixing; Sound Editing}

CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR - {Supporting Actor (Phillip Seymour Hoffman)}

EASTERN PROMISES - {Actor (Viggo Mortensen)}

ENCHANTED - {Song ("Happy Working Song"); Song ("So Close"); Song ("That's How You Know")}

THE GOLDEN COMPASS - {Art Direction; Visual Effects}

GONE BABY GONE - {Supporting Actress (Amy Ryan)}

IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH - {Actor (Tommy Lee Jones)}

MONGOL - {Best Foreign Language Film}

ONCE - {Original Song ("Falling Slowly")}

PERSEPOLIS - {Best Animated Movie}


RATATOUILLE - {Best Animated Movie; Original Score; Sound Mixing; Sound Editing; Original Screenplay}

SWEENY TODD THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET - {Actor (Johnny Depp); Art Direction; Costume Design}

3:10 TO YUMA - {Original Score; Sound Mixing}

TRANSFORMERS - {Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Visual Effects}

This list comprises all of the Oscar nominated movies from 2007 that I have seen and reviewed. (Or are reviewing soon.) For the complete list of nominated movies, go here. If there is one you want me to review, email me and I will try to get to it.

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