"Find hungry samurai" -Gisaku


Okay. Pay attention. James Bond goes to North Korea with some diamonds from Africa, and then gets put in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and when he gets out 14 months later, everyone hates him. Naturally James goes to Cuba, where rich people are switching their DNA, and eventually to Iceland and…oh, whom am I kidding? Like the plot matters at all. Here’s the deal: if you like 007 films, you will love this one. If you don’t like James Bond films, you still might like it, but it would be a tougher sell. What this movie basically does is give a shout-out to all twenty Bond films that have come before. I caught 15 of the references, and I’m not that well-schooled in Bond. Fans out there should revel in trying to pick out the homage to movies’ past. The stunts are also far more outrageous; I’m not even going to attempt to explain them. In addition, there is female pulchritude aplenty, and plenty of good-looking studs for the women and non-traditional men out there. Bottom line: for a no-brainer action film, this is fine holiday fun.

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