"Find hungry samurai" -Gisaku


First off I have to tell you that this movie purports to be a horror film, but if you can handle The 6th Sense or The Mirror Has Two Faces, you will be okay here. Let’s put it this way: I’d take my mother to see this, and she’s the biggest fraidy cat since the French Army. It’s sort of pointless to tell you much about the plot since A) It’s a bit of a mystery and I don’t want to give stuff away, and B) it’s a remake of a Japanese film and I’m not altogether sure there isn’t a good bit lost in the translation. That said, this still a neat film to watch. The basic set-up is out heroine, who investigating the death of her niece, finds out about this video that kills whomever watches it exactly seven days later. In fine horror-film tradition, our girl, and eventually her child (and the audience, in bits and pieces) come to watch this video, and then the race is on to figure out the mystery. The movie is atmospheric and spooky, with more emphasis on your imagination than anything actually depicted on screen. At the end you may not be able to decide if the movie is deep or very simple, but I will tell you it’s supposed to be the first of a trilogy. Anyway, if you like suspense, you’ll enjoy having seen this.

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