"Find hungry samurai" -Gisaku


I can’t imagine you haven’t seen this by now (and if you haven’t, you probably won’t), but just in case: consider going. Obviously one needs to have seen the first two installments before diving into the final chapter. I first saw this film the day before it came out, in a marathon session that first included the extended versions of Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers, all in the theatre. (Sometime if you’re lucky I’ll write a column about that day).

Needless to say, LOTR will be around for some time. Return of the King is arguably the best, and at least as good as the others (most have a personal preference which is their favorite), and catapults Lord of the Rings to the best trilogy of all time. (I’m sorry, but the Ewoks don’t age as well as one might wish.) This movie (and the two predecessors) has been widely praised by many, but I think will only appreciate further in time.

Suspension of Disbelief Index: 9.5 It is Middle Earth. Don’t forget that.

Genre Grade: Whether it be Epic Adventure, Adaptation, or Final Installment of a Trilogy, Return of the King gets an A+.

Pantheon Percentile: 99.9 That means at best, only one out of every 1000 movies is better, and it might be higher than that.

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