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00669 – DOMINO

MovieHype00669 – DOMINO

DOMINO is a hyper-kinetic acid dream on the life of bounty hunter Domino Harvey that almost certainly is 90% fabrication but still might get at the heart of I’m not sure what and does boast the talents of Mickey Rourke, Delroy Lindo, Lucy Liu, the cast of 90210 as themselves and Keira Knightley, whose chief duties seem to be scowling at the camera and getting naked, which, when it comes right down to it, might be the only real reason to watch a movie that was never really boring but never seemed to have much of a point either, and certainly didn’t show the life of a woman that might have been interesting in the hands of a filmmaker who could have gotten out of his own way.

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Koz said...

Can you really call it the cast of 90210 without Luke Perry?